TYRIM x Giti Grand Gateway Event

| 25/02/22

TYRIM x Giti Grand Gateway Event

New Giti Tires Debuted in Malaysia at The Departure

GitiSport S2 & GitiSynergy H2

It was a very brilliant moment in early 2022, with 100 local dealers, partners, and the Giti team in presence at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on 23rd Feb 2022 night.

The Departure - Giti Grand Gateway was the theme of the event, held at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Kuala Lumpur and gathering dealers from around the country. Giti’s new showcased products include the GitiSport S2 and GitiSynergy H2. The recently debuted premium GitiSport S2 UHP tire comprises overall performance and innovative design, targeting higher levels of precise control. Meanwhilethe GitiSport S2 features a brand new compound that offers extremely high levels of grip, which has resulted in an impressive A rating for wet performance in EU label results. 

Find out more at: http://my.giti.com/News-and-Media-Center/56877

                            GitiSynergy H2                                                        GitiSport S2